This is the food combining plan that I have been following since 2008, and on which I lost 14kg. The initial reason for starting this regime was not weight lose, but rather stomach problems, however being able to eat a lot and stay slim is a definite added bonus. The basic rule is separating proteins from carbohydrates, this becomes more important the higher the quality of food is; meaning that at McDonald’s it is not such a problem, but as soon as real food is involved combining is crucial. At the time when I started this, I also began to do more exercise, so admittedly it was a combination of the two that caused the weight lose. I was working on an architecture project back then where I was having to do heavy work and I began to realize that I had to eat accordingly in order to have the energy to get the work done. This is not the final bible of how to eat and everyone’s body is different, for example some people can not eat raw vegetables; I have a problem with cooked, so you just have to try to see what works. The separating of foods is based on how our bodies digest different foods, there are many different theories around this theme, what I do works for me and many of my friends, so I thought I would share it. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, basically, it is similar to a mediterranean diet, and once you do it for awhile you no longer have to think about it, doing it differently just feels wrong. My basic rule is, vegetarian (carbohydrates) during the day and meat or fish (proteins) in the evening.

1) Separate proteins from carbohydrates (except white bread, which although not so healthy is easy to digest)
2) No cooked vegetables with meat.
3) Eat carbohydrates for breakfast and lunch and proteins / vegetables for dinner.
4) Try to eat no: refined sugar, wheat, cow milk.
5) Fruit (and fruit juices) should be eaten a half an hour before a meal or three hours after.
6) Melon should be eaten on its own.
7) Nuts should always be roasted or cooked.
8) Beer with carbohydrates and wine with proteins.
9) Try to eat no processed food.
10) To lose weight: no carbohydrates after five.

For weight loss:

1) No carbs after five, but eat carbs during the day. This will keep you slim in the longrun and not gain weight once you start eating them again.

2) See different foods for what they are and eat accordingly. If you have an office job a big pasta lunch mit not be the best, but starving yourself with salad is also not wise because it will just make you hungry later, at which point you will probably reach for junk food.

3) Realize that when our bodies are on empty, we grave junk, so don’t give into cravings and make yourself reach for something healthy first, the cravings will soon disappear.

4) Sugar is a drug, that sounds extreme, but the more sugar you eat the more you “need” it. Break the cycle and eat no sugar for a month, the first week will be hell, but then you won’t miss it. By no sugar, I do not mean anything sweet, I mean no refined sugar (also refined sugar in processed food) – pure honey, unrefined sugar, etc. are fine, as they do not turn our bodies into junkies. After a while, when I went back to eating sugar, the side of my tough got numb, like with MSG, scary.

5) Exercise. No one over the age of thirty should not be exercising, period. Spending an hour on the cross trainer is boring, so try to integrate walking or biking to work into your life, in order to avoid that. If you walk, pretend you are in New York, speed walk. Muscle burns fat, so create muscle. I love to speed walk everywhere and lift weights, while listening to music and reading magazines or googling. Find a combination that works for you, but find something.

6) Let yourself eat junk for periodically and don’t feel guilty about it. Knowing that sugar is an addictive drug and that our bodies grave junk food when we are very hungry, if you still want that donut, eat it, but eat it consciously and cerebrate eating it. Then go back to eating well.

7) Eat high quality over 70% chocolate.

8) Try espresso without sugar.

9) Don’t add milk to everything.

10) Enjoy foods that are light and think of heavy foods as putting a concrete weight in you.


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