I have tried to make these recipes as intuitive as possible. I hate following recipes and prefer to learn the concepts behind the thing I am making. Here is the logic I use:

1) All recipes are for two people.
2) Measurements are in tablespoons, teaspoons, handful and when need be millimeters and grams.
3) If a spice does not have a measurement then just a pinch.
4) The oven I am using is electric.
5) To fry or grill, I use a cast iron pan. For sautéing a stainless steal pan.
6) Most of these recipes try to follow the food combing rules, have no refined sugar, no wheat and no cow milk, but sometimes I cheat for the sake of my sanity. When I leave the rules, it will be stated in the text below the recipes.
7) All goat or sheep milk products can be substituted with cow milk. All sweeteners can be substituted with sugar. All spelt flour can be substituted with wheat flour.
8) The recipe cards have been designed to be downloadable and printable, because I think that not everyone wants to be online all the time.

The basic concepts in cooking/ baking:

1) yeast, baking powder and egg whites make things rise in the oven.
2) flour holds things together.
3) sweet things make things sweet. Honey and maple syrup have distinct tastes, agave nectar has a more neutral taste, raw sugar has a brown sugar taste.
4) I mostly use olive oil, as I finds it gives food a richness. I mostly use it also to replace butter, for recipes flour in them, such as soufflés, I add a little nutmeg. (freshly ground) It adds a buttery effect.
5) milk, wine and water are used to add moisture to things. Milk will make things richer and creamier. Wine will add flavor and water will add moisture.
6) all things with sugar should also have a little salt.
7) for most things savory, I use salt, pepper and a little freshly ground chili.
8) brandy is great to give many things flavor.



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