I love long elegant dinners and especially designing them. Unlike in the section on CASUAL COMBINING, which put all foods on the same level at the same time, with multiple courses you can create an evening of different flavors and moods. The idea is to fluctuate between light and heavy courses to bring out the best in every course.

As much as I like creating these course plans, it is also very important to me that I can enjoy them, I do not want to be only the host, but also a guest. Plus, I want to drink. The most important things to make sure an evening goes easily – you can relax, drink, not forget a course or a part of a course – is organization. I am a fan of things that can be made, marinated, cut, washed, etc. ahead of time. That way, you just have to remember what you are supposed to serve when and put pre-made parts into the right place at the right time. I also make a list of the courses, so I don’t forget one when the prosecco hits. It is also very nice and comfortable to have an assistant, but not necessary.

All of these dinners follow the food combining rules and are to be accompanied by prosecco, wine, digestives, espresso. (Most of the time however, I stick to one wine or prosecco to avoid feeling horrible the next day) Sometimes, I cheat by adding fruit for dessert, white sugar in the meringue or other vices, but generally the combinations follow the rules.



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