I love to eat a lot of different things, I love to have long dinners, but I still want to follow the food combining rules. I have always liked to make new combinations with every bite, so the idea of eating only one thing is a nightmare for me. Even going out to restaurants, I would much rather order only appetizers then a main dish, as it gives me something to do while eating. Based somewhere between appetizers and a classical arrangement of meat, carbs and vegetables, I came up with a system of combining foods together that while fitting into the food combining rules adds variety and brings out the individual flavors. These are dinner combinations, with which I eat spelt bread and drink wine. (To lose weight, leave out the bread)

I have included here some of my favorite combinations and separated them into categories of meat, seafood and vegetable. The basic idea is to separate the meat from the cooked vegetables and the seafood from the meat and cheese – and to eat as many vegetables and raw as possible.
In the section on MULTIPLE COURSES I combine foods in succession, where as here I combine items at the same time. This is meant as an inspirational guide, feel free to exchange ingredients however you like.



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